PortAventura Park: Rides, Shows, Restaurants, Shops and Tickets

PortAventura is an amusement park, part of Europe’s most visited theme park– Portaventura World Parks & Resorts.

It opened in 1995 and expanded to include a water park, hotels, and additional attractions, forming the larger PortAventura World resort.

Besides this amusement park, the resort is also home to the Carbie Aquatic Park PortAventura and Ferrari Land.

You will get amazing opportunities to achieve an adrenaline rush on an outing to PortAventura.

PortAventura Park in Spain is primarily known for its diverse themed areas, each representing different cultures and regions.

So, take a trip through six awesome world-themed areas in the park, like visiting different countries in one place!

Visit the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, México, SésamoAventura and the Far West.

With your ticket, you can enjoy unlimited access to all the attractions in PortAventura theme park. 

In this article, you will learn everything that makes PortAventura World the best European resort for your holiday.

So, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and have an unforgettable experience by buying tickets to this amusement park.

Portaventura Park Location

PortAventura Park is part of the PortAventura World theme park on the Costa Daurada, near Salou, in the Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain province.

Where is Portaventura Theme Park?

The exact PortAventura Address is 
PortAventura World
Av. Pere Molas, km 2
43840 Vila-seca, Tarragona

Here’s a tip! Go through the map of PortAventura theme park and download it to navigate the park conveniently!

What to Expect at the PortAventura Park Barcelona

You will find entertainment, family-friendly attractions, exhilarating rides, outstanding performances by local performers, shows and many surprises at PortAventura Theme Park.

You can also expect to see theatre shows, singers, Wild West shootouts, themed special effects, restaurants and shops in various park locations.

PortAventura Adventure Park Rides:

Among the wide variety of fun activities offered at the park, visitors generally visit for the stunning PortAventura theme park rides.

Each ride conveys the country’s theme and is the reason behind the park’s popularity. 

Here’s a list of all the Port Aventura theme park rides:

Furius BacoEstació del NordPort De La Drassana
Tutuki SplashCanoesKontiki
Street MissionTami TamiWaikiki
Coco PilotoEl Árbol MágicoEl Huerto Encantado
El Salto De BlasKiddie DragonsLa Granja De Elmo
Mariposas SaltarinasMagic FishSesamoaventura Station
ShambhalaDragon KhanTea Cups
AngkorÁrea InfantilCobra Imperial
Waitan PortHurakan CondorEl Diablo Tren De La Mina
El Secreto De Los MayasLos PotrillosSerpiente Emplumada
YucatanArmadillosSilver River Flume
Wild BuffalosBuffalo RodeoCarousel
Crazy BarrelsGrand Canyon RapidsLaberinto Blacksmith
Penitence StationEscuela de conducción Kids Car

PortAventura theme parks rides like Shambhala, Dragon Khan, Furius Baco and Hurakan Condor is for the bravest visitors. 

PortAventura Park Barcelona also has children’s play areas, slides, shows, rides, and more. Hence, it is ideal for adventurous family outings.

Some PortAventura Park rides that the children can enjoy are Tami Tami, Crazy Barrels, Stampida, Escuela de conducción Kids Car and much more.

They are relatively gentler than most PortAventura Park rides.

PortAventura Theme Park Shows:

PortAventura Park’s entertainment program includes shows, which are one of the highlights of the amusement park.

These are seasonal and suitable for all audiences. 

A few cover cultural topics and are informative, thematic and ideal for families with little kids.

Other shows are based on festivals like Halloween, Christmas, etc., showing you a new way to enjoy PortAventura Resort and live the authentic PortAventura experience.

Here’s a list of shows that you can look forward to

FiestAventuraPortAventura ParadeTemplo del Fuego
Noches de Fuego en TahitíAves del ParaísoFiesta Mexicana
Aloha TahitíLet’s DancePareos en Bora BoraCuidemos el PlanetaLas Aventuras de Tadeo Jones
Magic BubbleDestination DanceMeet & Greet Shrek
Can Can WestTex MexBang Bang West
Christmas ParadeLa llegada de los emisarios realesLa Navidad de Woody
Ya es Navidad en SesamoAventuraA un paso de tu corazónBubble Magic Christmas
Meet Chilly WillyEl bosque encantadoGran fiesta de Navidad
Cuento de NavidadChristmas TimeWoody Magic Christmas

The most popular and longest-running show here is the Aves del Paraso.

It introduces you and your little ones to the world’s most exotic birds in an educational way.

Another favorite show among the youngest visitors is the Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones. 

These shows are interactive and feature music and dances from the Pacific islands.

If you have booked a PortAventura guide, he will help you with the show times, restaurant reservations, etc.

PortAventura Park’s Restaurants

portaventura restaurants
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

You are bound to go hungry after an exciting day at PortAventura.

But you don’t have to worry; from traditional Mediterranean dishes to delicious Italian and Oriental cooking, PortAventura restaurants have them all. 

Go for American fast food and all kinds of tasty snacks.

There is everything at PortAventura theme Park in Spain: vegetarian, vegan options, or gluten-free foods.

PortAventura restaurants have incredible ambiance and themed decor.

They have the calm environment and fantastic terraces where you can chill before an action-packed day.

You can also eat outside, as there are fast food stalls for visitors who want a quick bite.

So plan your breaks wisely and have a look at this list of themed restaurants in PortAventura theme park in Spain:

La Posada de los GnomosFar WestMeat, pasta, soups, and salads
Raco De MarMediterràniaMediterranean cuisine: salads, rice dishes, pizza, and pasta
Vinosfera Tapes I VinsMediterràniaTapas and wines
Cafe SaulaMediterràniaCoffees, drinks, pastries, sandwiches, pizzas, and salads
Puntos De Alimentacion MediterraneaMediterrània.Multiple food options
Bora BoraPolynesia.Poke bowls, salads, vegetarian and flexitarian options
Puntos De Alimentacion PolynesiaPolynesia.Fruit, slushies, soft drinks, and coffee
La Cocina De EpiSésamoAventura.Pizza, pasta, hamburgers, chicken, and salads
Puntos De Alimentacion SesamoaventuraSésamoAventura.Fruit, slushies, soft drinks, and coffee
CantonChinaAsian wok show cooking: spring rolls, noodles, salads and desserts.
DaganaChinaHamburgers, hot sandwiches, salads, and chips
Marco PoloChinaSalads, rice dishes, pasta, fish, meat, and Asian dishes
SichuanChinaAsian food, salads, and desserts
Puntos De Alimentacion ChinaChinaFruit, slushies, soft drinks, and coffee
Hacienda El CharroMéxico.Mexican food: nachos, fajitas, tacos, etc.
La CantinaMéxico.Mexican food: salads, burritos, chili Con Carne, and desserts
Puntos De Alimentacion MexicoMéxico.Fruit, slushies, soft drinks and coffee
The Iron HorseFar West.American cuisine: Caesar salad, hamburgers, ribs and steaks
The Old Steak HouseFar West.American cuisine: salads, hamburgers, ribs and desserts
Jeremias FoodFar West.Pizzas, pasta and salads
Puntos De Alimentacion Far WestFar WestFruit, slushies, soft drinks and coffee

Note: You must reserve your table in advance during peak season if you want to be guaranteed a seat at a particular time.

Where to Shop at PortAventura Theme Park?

portaventura shop
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

The park’s shops are where you can purchase memorable gifting items and souvenirs suitable for all ages, like soft toys, mugs, keyrings, clothing, accessories, electronic items, etc.

Its wide range of shops will spoil you, so research where to head to buy a small gift item:

Souvenir ShopLocation
Mas FonollMediterrania section
Records de PortAventuraMediterrania section
SuperdryPolynesia section
Grand Canyon Rapids ShopFar West
Lotus PalaceChina
Sarpang ShopChina
General StoreFar West

You may also find snack bars and sweet shops if you have a sweet tooth.

Taxco and Cal Caramel are candy shops that energize you after intense activities.

Also, you can get your photographs taken from various shops at Port Aventura Theme Park. You can capture each one of your theme park excursions.

These are some shops where you can hire a photographer to capture you on a particular ride.

Fotografia TomahawkFotografia StampidaFotografia Silver River Flume
Fotografia Grand Canyon RapidsFlys Photograph StudioHurakan Condor Shop
Fotografia El Diablo Tren de la MinaFotografia Dragon KhanTimbu Photo Ride
Fotografia Tami TamiFotografia La Granja de ElmoAbby Star Studio
Fotografia Tutuki SplashFotografia Furius BacoLa Botigueta

Discover something fun for yourself to take home from PortAventura theme Park Salou. 

PortAventura Park tickets

You can purchase fast-track PortAventura Spain tickets to skip queues and enter the park directly after getting a physical entry band in exchange for your online PDF.

Want to learn more about this ticket? Check out the PortAventura tickets section.

PortAventura Skip-the-line Ticket Prices:

Age GroupPrice
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€51
Senior citizen (60 years and above)€45
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€45
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

You can also buy the PortAventura World tickets to enter Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park and PortAventura Park Barcelona for 1-day, 2-day or 3-day.


Name a few of the Best European Theme Parks

There is no lack of spectacular theme parks featuring rides that will leave you speechless. 

Some of the most famous and best European theme parks include Disneyland Paris, Europa Park in Germany, Gardaland in Italy, and more. 

Among all, Port Aventura Spain offers a unique experience with its fantastic theme parks, giving you an experience that you can’t ever forget.

With sufficient transportation options available to reach PortAventura Park location, it has become one of the most visited theme parks in Europe.

How many rides are at PortAventura?

There are over 50 rides at PortAventura Park and 9 thrilling roller coasters that give you an unparalleled adrenaline rush. 

The PortAventura Park rides are spread over five theme areas based on civilization, such as the Mediterranean, Far West, and China. 

The most popular rides include Dragon Khan, Furius Baco, Tomahawk, and Hurakan Condor. 

You can also find the fastest ride in Europe at PortAventura Ferrari Land. 

Is PortAventura the biggest theme park?

The Port Aventura Barcelona is spread over 119 hectares (294 acres), making it the biggest theme park in Spain and the third largest in Europe.
Port Aventura, Spain consists of six theme areas: the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico, the Far West, and Sesamo Aventura. 

However, all three theme parks aren’t open throughout the year. 

So, plan wisely, read the PortAventura schedule and visit when you can explore all three parks together.

Where is portaventura theme park?

PortAventura Theme Park is in Salou, in the Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain province.

Salou is a popular tourist destination along the Costa Dorada, and the theme park is situated within the larger PortAventura World resort complex.

The address for PortAventura is Avinguda de l’Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n, 43840 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain.

Get Directions to the PortAventura Park location.

What new rides came to PortAventura in 2023?

PortAventura has partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment to start the world’s first “Dark ride roller coaster.”

Popularly known as “Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence,” the ride is the first in Europe and started operating on 17 June 2023.

This groundbreaking ride features a 15-meter-high inverted free fall, launches, and a unique lateral drop packed into a 700-meter track.

What are the popular Costa Dorada theme parks?

The popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean, Costa Dorado, is a fantastic amusement park, Portaventura World, beyond the picturesque scenery. 

The most popular Costa Dorada theme park includes Port Aventura Park, Ferrari Land, and Portaventura Caribe Aquatic Park

Six luxurious hotels in Portaventura theme park offer a unique opportunity and experience with plenty of perks.

What’s the best way to experience PortAventura Park?

The best way to experience PortAventura Park is to buy a ticket to all three Parks.
It is best to prefer summer (June or July) to visit the PortAventura World as you can also experience Portaventura Caribe Aquatic Park at that time. 

Remember to stay for the evening shows and fireworks if you visit on special occasions. 

For a smooth visit, please read Port Aventura Barcelona tips.

What is the difference between Ferrari Land and PortAventura?

Ferrari Land is a theme park within the PortAventura World resort, offering a unique Ferrari-themed experience.

It features thrilling rides, attractions, and shows inspired by the iconic Italian sports car manufacturer.

On the other hand, PortAventura has multiple themed areas and provides a broader range of attractions, shows, and experiences, with different zones representing various countries and themes.

What’s the difference between PortAventura World and PortAventura Park?

PortAventura World is the name of the overall resort, which includes multiple parks and attractions.

PortAventura Park is one specific theme park within the PortAventura World Resort.

The resort includes Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park, and various hotels.
PortAventura Park is known for its diverse themed areas and a wide range of rides and shows.

What attractions are in PortAventura?

PortAventura offers many attractions across its themed areas, including the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, México, SésamoAventura, and the Far West.

Some popular rides include Furius Baco, Shambhala, Dragon Khan, and Hurakan Condor.

The park also features entertaining shows like FiestAventura, PortAventura Parade, and Templo del Fuego.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy a variety of restaurants, shops, and themed experiences in each area.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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