Ferrari Land: Rides, Shows, Restaurants, Shops and Tickets

Ferrari Land at PortAventura World is a European theme park dedicated exclusively to the iconic brand Ferrari.

With 16 attractions and games, including the exhilarating Red Force Ferrari land coaster, visitors can experience the thrill of speed and adrenaline.

The park’s theme takes guests to iconic Italian buildings, providing an authentic Ferrari experience full of emotion and fun.

Ferrari Land Barcelona opening hours vary during the low and high tourist seasons.

The park is closed in February and March, with peak season starting in April and ending in October.

Let’s have a closer look at the adventures of Ferrari Land.

PortAventura Ferrari Land Location

Ferrari Land is a part of PortAventura World’s three theme parks located in Salou, Catalonia, Spain.

The exact Ferrai land location is Avinguda de l’Alcade Pere Molas, s/n, 43480 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain.

Get Directions to the Ferrari Land Map.

What to Expect at Ferrari Land Spain

Ferrari Land Salou has interactive exhibitions, shows, and rides.

There are also stories about the illustrious Italian Scuderia, the legendary prancing horse brand.

You will find cafes, restaurants and multiple shops to indulge in refreshments.

So see what sails your boat and enjoy the Ferrari Land Salou to the fullest.

Don’t think twice before booking your tickets.

Ferrari Land Rides

At Salou Ferrari Land, you will not see a vast range of rides, but each of them is pretty epic.

You will find the most challenging rides in Ferrari Land Spain, like the Red Force, Thrill Towers, Flying Dreams and Racing Legends. 

Only the bravest of souls should try these out.

But if you want something mellow for you and your family, try Ferrari Land Gallery, Junior Championship and Kids’ Podium. Your kids will love it!

Here’s a list of the rides and Ferrari Land roller coasters you’ll find at the Park.

Ferrari Land Red Force

  • Type: Thrill Ride
  • Height Requirement: Minimum 55 inches (140 cm)

Hold tight on this Ferrari Land coaster for a breathtaking acceleration, reaching 180 km/h in 5 seconds. A must-try for thrill-seekers!

Champions Race

  • Type: Children’s Ride
  • Height Requirement: Alone 47 inches (120 cm), with an Adult 35 to 47 inches (90 to 120 cm)

Little ones can enjoy the excitement of racing in a Ferrari Testarossa 250. A fun and safe adventure for the whole family.

Ferrari Land Flying Dreams

  • Type: Mild Ride
  • Height Requirement: Alone (130 cm), With an Adult 40 inches (100 cm)

Embark on a dreamy journey around the world in true Ferrari style. Perfect for families seeking a delightful experience.

Maranello Grand Race

  • Type: Thrill Ride
  • Height Requirement: Alone 47 inches (120 cm), With an Adult 35 to 47 inches (90 to 120 cm)

The real race begins at the Maranello Grand Race, where you can feel the speed and excitement of a genuine Ferrari-style experience.

Fasten your seatbelt for a thrilling adventure on this high-speed attraction.

Junior Red Force

  • Type: Family Ride
  • Height Requirement: Alone 47 inches (120 cm), With an Adult 35 to 47 inches (90 to 120 cm)

Introduce your little ones to their first Ferrari experience with Junior Red Force.

Accompanied by an adult, kids can enjoy a milder version of the iconic Red Force ferrari land coaster ride, ensuring a memorable and age-appropriate adventure.

Torre Caida Libre

  • Type: Free Fall Tower
  • Height Requirement: Alone 47 inches (120 cm), With an Adult 35 to 47 inches (90 to 120 cm)

For those seeking an extra dose of adrenaline, Torre Caida Libre is a free-fall tower that drops you from a height of 55 meters.

Enjoy the adventure of a rapid descent, adding a thrill to your Ferrari Land visit.

Some other popular rides of Ferrari Land are given below in the table.

Crazy PistonsFerrari Land Gallery
Flying RaceJunior Championship
Kids PodiumKids Tower
Pole Position ChallengeRacing Legends
Torre Caida LibreTorre Rebote

Check the Ferrari Land Height Restrictions beforehand for safety and a smooth visit.

Ferrari Land Portaventura Shows

Feel like a real racing driver by enjoying the Ferrari Land shows.

You will find simulations of the Formula 1 universe where you are the star. Lead the Italian motor racing team and get a load of adrenaline.

You will find shows for all tastes. Check out the list of shows held at Spain Ferrari land:

Acrobatic Show Ferrari LandRondo VenezianoFolklore Italiano

The Acrobatic show of Ferrari Land features music, acrobatics, dancing, and other sports like basketball. 

The beat of the music and the rhythm is bound to carry you away!

Ferrari Land pays attention to Italy’s rich creative and cultural heritage.  It has a stunning collection of costumes and a classic setting.

The play Rond Veneziano will introduce you to the ancient dances of the nobility in the 18th century and Folklore Italiano will bring you closer to peasant dances and traditions.

If you have hired a PortAventura guide, he will help you with the show times.

Ferrari Land Spain Restaurant

ferrari world restaurants
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

To continue your Ferrari Land exploration with full vigor, you must recharge yourself with some delicious food.

Following the Italian aesthetics of the theme park, it’s easy to guess that the most popular cuisine at Ferrari Land is Italian.

Try out the Ristorante Cavallino for a delectable plate of pasta. It has a décor that the original restaurant inspired in Maranello.

Otherwise, you can always opt for the small food outlets.

There is a varied selection of fast food, snacks, hot and cold drinks, desserts, waffles and crepes.  

The various choices will spoil you, for sure! 

Finish LineIce Cream BoxPaddock
Pit LaneRistorante CavallinoStop & Go

If you have hired a PortAventura guide, he will help you with restaurant reservations, etc.

Ferrari Land Shops

Ferrari Land Shop
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

Relive your Ferrari Land experience time and again by buying goodies from the shops at the theme park. 

Various products will constantly remind you of this incredible, action-packed day at Ferrari Land. 

You might even find exclusive Ferrari merchandise—clothes, electronics, exclusive branded products, luggage and whatnot—at the Ferrari Land Store.

Also, discover sweets stalls and shops to collect your photographs taken on the rides.

A popular sweet shop among the kids’ favorites is the Junior Championship Shop.

You can also find three Photograph Shops at the Ferrari Land– Photo Gallery, Photo Pit Stop and Red Force Photo Ride.

Ferrari Land Tickets

Get Ferrari Land fast-track tickets to avoid the hustle and bustle of speed-racing enthusiasts. Enjoy thrilling rides and go on a journey of Ferrari’s history.

Want to learn more about this ticket? Check out the Ferrari Land and skip the line ticket.

Ferrari Land Ticket Prices

Adult (11 to 59 years)€21
Senior citizens (60 years and above)€19
Child (4 to 10 years)€19
Infant (up to 3 years)Free entry

Tip! You can also buy the PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land Combo, in which you can enter Ferrari Land and PortAventura Park for 1-day, 2-day or 3-day.

All you have to do is think about where to go next on this great adventure that awaits you. 

Book your PortAventura tickets now and submerge in the world of excitement with the thrilling Ferrari Land Roller coaster rides.


Is Ferrari World Port of Adventure open?

Port Aventura World parks remain closed during winter for the first few months of every year. 

PortAventura Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park and PortAventura Park will remain open regularly from April. 

Check out the PortAventura Schedule to know the dates in detail.

How much is it to go to Ferrari Land?

The price for skip the line PortAventura Ferrari Land tickets is €21, and this ticket ensures you dodge the long queues. 

The costs for Senior citizens’ and children’s tickets are at a discounted rate of €19 each. 

You can also get the PortAventura park + Ferrari Land combo

However, there are many ways to visit Ferrari Land for free. Read PortAventura tips to know more.

How fast is Ferrari Land PortAventura?

The fastest ride at the Ferrari Land, Salou, is the Red Force. It is so fast that you will experience an acceleration of 1.35 G. 

It can reach up to speeds of 180 km/h or 112 miles/hour. This speed makes it Europe’s fastest ride. 

Other thrilling rides include Racing Legends, Thrill Towers, and Maranello Grand Race.

How many rides are there in Ferrari Land?

There are 11 Ferrari Land atracciones or rides in the PortAventura Ferrari Land. Some Popular names include Flying Dreams Ferrari Land and Red Force Ferrari Land.

Visiting the Barcelona Ferrari Land will leave you speechless with its high-speed rides, especially the Red Force. It is one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in Europe.

Learn how long it is enough to visit PortAventura Park to plan your visit correctly. 

How fast is the Ferrari Land roller coaster in PortAventura?

The PortAventura Ferrari Land Spain rides feature some insanely fast Ferrari Land Roller Coasters. 

The Ferrari Land Red Force can go from 0 to 180 km/hr in 5 seconds, making it Europe’s fastest ride. 

Also, learn about the fantastic Caribe Aquatic Park, which remains for just a few months but is a must-visit along with the other two parks.

What’s the best way to experience PortAventura Ferrari Land?

The best way to experience the Salou Ferrari Land of PortAventura world is by getting skip-the-line Ferrari Land tickets

Another way to get the most for your money and experience the thrilling rides of Ferrari Land is to get a PortAventura Park + Ferrari Land combo

You can also experience Ferrari Land for free by booking a stay at one of the six luxurious PortAventura hotels. Learn all about it in PortAventura tips.

What are the restrictions on Ferrari Land rides?

The restrictions on Ferrari Land rides may vary based on the specific ride. 

Typically, certain attractions have height and age restrictions, especially for more thrilling rides like Red Force and Thrill Towers.

It’s advisable to check the individual Ferrari land height restrictions of rides here.

Where is Ferrari Land located?

Ferrari Land is located within PortAventura World, a theme park and resort in Salou, Spain.

The address is Avinguda de l’Alcalde Pere Molas, km 2, 43840 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain.

The park is easily accessible and well-connected to major cities in Spain, including Barcelona. Check how to reach.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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