Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets

PortAventura World is a complete entertainment complex consisting of three theme parks, several themed hotels, shopping, and much more. 

Apart from the Portaventura Theme Park and Caribe Aquatic Park, Ferrari Land is an equally intriguing park for kids and adults. 

However, just like the other parks, visitors need dedicated Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets to explore the only European park dedicated to the Italian motor racing team. 

With the Ferrari Land Barcelona tickets, visitors can take a deep dive into the history and heritage of this much-celebrated brand. 

Visitors get to enjoy a range of thrilling and heart-racing rides, a total of 16 rides and many more games with the Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets.

So, let’s jump in and learn everything in detail about the Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets.

PortAventura Ferrari Land Tickets

With the Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets, you get more than just the heart-pounding rides; visitors also learn a lot. 

To kick off, start your day by visiting the Ferrari Land Gallery and going through Ferrari’s history. 

There are plenty of interactive exhibitions sharing information about the illustrious Italian Scuderia. 

Experience the stunning recreation of Italy, including the Facades of the Colosseum, La Scala, and Campanile of San Marco. 

Visitors will learn about the story behind the legendary prancing horse brand. There is a dedicated new, action-packed kid’s area for your little ones. 

Enjoy the thrilling rides and a simulated worldwide trip in a Ferrari GT on the Flying Dream rides. 

To top it off, enjoy the flavors of Italy in an authentic trattoria or at restaurants serving traditional cuisine. 

What’s included in the Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets:

  • Ferrari Land Skip the line entrance
  • Access to all the engaging shows and rides at the Ferrari-themed park
  • Perks of flexible tickets. You can make changes and upgrades at the site with ease and on priority.

Things to know:

  • Take a look at the opening hours of Ferrari Land for advance notice about the timings.
  • This activity is wheelchair accessible. 
  • There are a few height-related restrictions 

PortAventura Ferrari Land Ticket Price:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€20
Senior citizens ticket (60 years and above)€18
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€18
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Note: If you want combo PortAventura and Ferrari land tickets, go for the 1-day, 2-day or 3-day ticket to explore both these amusement parks over different days.
Traveling from Barcelona? We have a whole trip planned for you. The PortAventura and Ferrari Land full-day trip from Barcelona is the perfect option.

Portaventura and Ferrari Land Tickets: Two Amusement Parks

Portaventura and ferrari land
Image: Carlos l Vives, Danitza Peralta/Pexels

Why visit just one park when you can visit two parks, PortAventura and Ferrari Land one, two, or three-day tickets are just the right pick for you. 

Explore the six uniquely themed areas from around the world in a single destination offering different feel, rides, and experiences. 

Home to some of the most thrilling and adventurous roller coasters, visitors can enjoy more than 5km of roller coaster rides to taste their metal. 

Shambhala and the Dragon Khan are among some of the must-experience roller coaster rides. 

Enjoy a wide variety of shows and choose from various national and international cuisines to try on your visit.

Your fun doesn’t end here as you also get access to the only theme park of Europe based on the illustrious car brand Ferrari.

Visitors must try the Red Force, which is the tallest and fastest coaster in Europe, a feat you must experience for yourself if you love adrenaline and thrill. 

Apart from this, visitors can choose from either one, two-day, or three-day tickets. Read how long to spend at PortAventura to make the right decision.

What’s included: 

  • One-time Ferrari Land Entry Ticket. 
  • One, two, and three-day PortAventura Park entry ticket (depending on the option selected) 
  • Skip-the-line entry to Portaventura Park and Ferrari Land. 
  • Included Public Parking.

Things to Know: 

  • Ferrari Land opening times are different from PortAventura hours. Usually, Ferrari Land is open from 2 pm to 10 pm. 
  • You can only enter once at the Ferrari Land.
  • The two-day and three-day passes must be used on consecutive days from the selected date.
  • The included parking is only for public parking. You can avail private parking available for €12. 

PortAventura and Ferrari Land Tickets Price: 

The prices for the Combo PortAventura and Ferrari Land tickets vary depending on the validity you choose. Visitors can choose from three options. 

One-day Pass 

Visitor Type Price 
Adult tickets (11 to 59 years) €61 (US $67) 
Senior tickets (60 years and above) €53 (US $58)
Children tickets (4 to 10 years) €53 (US $58)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years) Free

Two-day Pass 

Visitor Type Price 
Adult tickets (11 to 59 years) €70 (US $77) 
Senior tickets (60 years and above) €61 (US $67)
Children tickets (4 to 10 years) €61 (US $67)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years) Free

Three-day Pass 

Visitor Type Price 
Adult tickets (11 to 59 years) €90 (US $99) 
Senior tickets (60 years and above) €79 (US $87)
Children tickets (4 to 10 years) €79 (US $87)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years) Free


How much is a ticket to Ferrari Land?

The Ferrari Land PortAventura tickets are €19 for adults. These are Ferrari Land express tickets allowing for skip line access. 

The Ferrari Land Spain Tickets for children are for €18. Visitors enjoy age-based discounts, so the Senior Citizen’s tickets are €18. 

A more sensible option is to go for the Portaventura and Ferrari Land Barcelona tickets combo to save money. Get free access to the Ferrari land by staying in the PortAventura Hotels. 

Are PortAventura and Ferrari World the same?

No, PortAventura World is an entertainment complex featuring three parks- PortAventura Theme Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park. 

All of these parks offer unique experiences. Caribe Aquatic Park features the highest freefall slide, while Ferrari Land features Europe’s fastest rides. 

Get the PortAventura and Ferrari Land tickets combo to experience both parks with just one pass. 

 PortAventura Ferrari Land vs. Ferrari World.

PortAventura Ferrari Land is one of the three theme parks of the Portaventura World, located in Salou, Spain. 

On the other hand, Ferrari Land is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Both amusement parks are world-class and offer some heart-racing rides. 

With the Portaventura Ferrari Land Barcelona Tickets, you get to experience Red Force, one of Europe’s fastest and tallest roller coasters. 

Why do people prefer the PortAventura and Ferrari Land full-day trip from Barcelona?

PortAventura World is located in Salou, Spain. It is approximately 100 km away from Barcelona, where most visitors from outside Spain land to visit PortAventura. 

The PortAventura And Ferrari Land ticket with a full-day Round-Trip transfer tour helps visitors avoid travel-related hassles. 

Beyond this, visitors get to explore two parks with just one ticket, saving money on top of the age-based discounts. 

Is purchasing the Ferrari Land ticket combo a better PortAventura deal?

Buying the combo PortAventura and Ferrari Land tickets is a better deal as it offers access to both parks and helps you save money.
You get to experience both parks’ thrill and adventurous rides using a single ticket. 
Another value-for-money combo ticket, PortAventura, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park ticket, allows you access to all three parks. 

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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