How to Get to PortAventura: Fastest Transportation Options

PortAventura Park’s location is away from the main city, Barcelona. So, visitors must know how to get to PortAventura.

Find the PortAventura address on Map for navigating your way.

Getting to PortAventura can be an exciting part of your journey, with various transportation options available.

You can easily reach the park by airplane, train, car, bus, or even convenient services provided by nearby accommodations.

Whether traveling from Barcelona, Tarragona or any other location, this guide will let you know how to get to PortAventura seamlessly.

Portaventura Park Location

PortAventura Park is located on the Costa Dorada in the northeastern region of Catalonia, Spain.

The exact PortAventura address is Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n 43480 Vila-Seca, Tarragona. 

For easy navigation, open the PortAventura location in Google Maps.

How to Reach PortAventura by Car

The easiest and most comfortable way to reach PortAventura is via car. 

The locals can use their cars while the tourists can rent a car to commute within Spain.

All you need to reach the PortAventura resort quickly is to follow the directions.

If you are looking for suggestions on where to hire your car, you must consider car rental with GoldCar, the official rent-a-car partner of PortAventura.

You will even get a 10% special visitor discount on this rented car.

To make your arrival easier, PortAventura also provides an additional transfer service you can reserve to reach the resort. 

This service is available from Camp de Tarragona and many other locations! Check it out.

Another crucial piece of information to know is the opening time and what time PortAventura is close to plan a smooth visit to PortAventura.

How to Get to Port Aventura by Train

PortAventura World has formally endorsed trains as an environment-friendly and sustainable mode of transport.

According to them, trains can aid in reaching the attraction.

You must choose the Renfe Alta Velocidad y Larga Distancia or Rodalies de Catalunya.

Both trains offer transport packages, including either park admission or accommodation at PortAventura World hotels.

If you want short-distance trains (From within Catalonia)

The R-17 and RT2 lines of Rodalies de Catalunya have a stop at the PortAventura World station within the resort.

If you want mid-distance or long-distance trains

To ease your travel to the theme park and resort, Renfe offers mid-distance trains from Valencia to PortAventura World.

Renfe also offers high-speed (AVE) and long-distance trains from anywhere on the peninsula to PortAventura.

Although you won’t directly reach PortAventura via the train, your last stop will be the train station of Camp de Tarragona.

You can take a bus, taxi, PortAventura transfer service or hire a car from there.

Taxis are available at the official rank outside the Camp de Tarragona station.

If you would like to take a bus from Camp de Tarragon station, you must choose the L4 line operated by Plana. This bus will drop you off directly at the resort.

If you plan to hire a car, you must check the route to the resort after hiring the GoldCar, PortAventura’s official rent-a-car partner. 

Check the timetables and stops of the lines to plan your visit to the resort by train.

The closest train Station to PortAventura 

The Closest train station to PortAventura Park is the Salou-PortAventura train station

The Salou-PortAventura station is less than 5 km from the PortAventura World, comprising the PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park

But if you are up for a walk, you can take a shorter route, less than a km, and will take around 10 minutes. 

There is always the option to opt for a taxi. 

How to Get to Port Aventura by Airplane

Visitors mostly question how to get from Barcelona airport to portaventura since tourists visiting Barcelona most definitely come to PortAventura.

Therefore, visitors must know it will just take 1 hour to reach PortAventura from any terminal at El Prat Airport (Barcelona).

If they choose Reus Airport, it will just take 15 minutes to reach PortAventura World.

The Barcelona and Reus airports have Avis, GoldCar, and Hertz car hire offices. We advise contacting one of these to handle the reservation before your visit.

For an affordable and straightforward option, purchase the PortAventura to Barcelona Airport ticket, covering park entry and your return journey.

How to Reach PortAventura by Bus

Wherever you are, you will find a bus service to take you to Port Aventura no matter what.

Company Plana offers regular service from Barcelona airport to PortAventura.

Commuting to PortAventura is now easy with a bus. So, choose the most suitable route for you.

How to Get to PortAventura from Barcelona?

The majority of the people visiting PortAventura World land at the Barcelona Airport. 

PortAventura is 85 km Southwest of Barcelona, Spain. 

However, the distance from the Barcelona Airport to PortAventura is even more significant, almost 100 km. 

Depending on the mode of transportation, it can take you well over an hour to reach PortAventura from Barcelona. 

There are three popular ways to reach PortAventura from Barcelona. 

How to Get from Barcelona to Portaventura by Taxi?

The most straightforward answer to how to get to PortAventura from Barcelona is by taking a taxi. 

It is undoubtedly the fastest but more costly than a train, which is both fast and inexpensive.

The most significant advantage of taking a taxi is the hassle-free experience of reaching PortAventura directly from the 

You can find taxis easily. However, the rates are plenty fixed so you should look out for various taxi operators. 

If you are looking for suggestions on where to hire your car, you must consider car rental with GoldCar, the official rent-a-car partner of PortAventura.

How to Get to PortAventura from Barcelona by Train 

Taking a train is the cheapest way to reach PortAventura from Barcelona. 

Visitors can take a direct train from Barcelona to PortAventura. There are 7 direct trains on the route, approximately 89 kilometers. 

You can catch a train from Barcelona-Sants to Tarragona starting at 6:30 am in the morning. There is a train every 30 minutes to an hour. 

Metro Line L1, L2, L3 have routes that go near PortAventura starting from different areas of Barcelona. 

The R-17 and RT2 lines of Rodalies de Catalunya have a stop at the PortAventura World station within the resort.

You can take a regional train or taxi from Tarragona to PortAventura. 

However, there are other options for a train that takes you from Barcelona to PortAventura. You have to change stations at Tarragona. 

The journey takes around 3 hours 30 minutes, starting from the Career d’Alí Bei, 80, 08013 Barcelona

There is a changeover at Calle Pere Martell 1, 43001, Tarragona, to board a regional train 30557 to reach PortAventura. 

Check the Trainline schedule for the timings of these trains as there aren’t many trains daily that will take you from Barcelona to PortAventura. 

How to Get from Barcelona to Portaventura by Bus?

The PortAventura World is well-connected to local and long-distance bus routes. 

From the center of Barcelona, PortAventura is approximately 100 km away. 

Depending on the bus service, the journey will take slightly over two and a half hours. 

Even though plenty of bus services operate on these routes from Barcelona to PortAventura, visitors are encouraged to opt for Company Plana

Visit their website; it’s easy to use. You can reach PortAventura from anywhere in Catalonia, including Costa Brava and Costa Dorada.

Now that you know how to reach PortAventura World, take advantage of the exclusive deals on PortAventura tickets.

How to reach PortAventura from Costa Dorada 

Many people also visit the PortAventura World from Costa Dorada, a coastal city located approximately 50 km from the amusement park. 

There are two major ways to reach PortAventura from Costa Dorada. 

For connecting different towns in the area to PortAventura, the bus Company Plana comes to our rescue!

Check here for all the information on the stops to get to the resort.

Additionally, visitors can use various rental taxis and car services if they want to drive themselves. 

Visitors must take route N-340 and Autovia del Mediterrani/A-7 to reach PortAventura Park from Costa Dorada.


Where in Spain is PortAventura?

PortAventura World amusement parks and resorts have three theme parks, hotels, and more, located in Salou and Vila-Seca, Tarragona, on the Costa Daurada in Catalonia, Spain. 

Here is the pinpoint address of PortAventura in Google maps to find it easily. 

It is merely an hour from Barcelona, and there are plenty of ways to reach PortAventura; a transfer trip is perhaps the most convenient. 

How to get to Port Aventura?

If you travel from Barcelona airport, reaching Port Aventura World won’t take you more than an hour. 

There are options to take a bus or a taxi. However, the train is the most sustainable option recommended by the park. 

Another benefit of trains is that if you travel from Catalonia and have PortAventura tickets, the train tickets are free! 

If you want tickets to PortAventura and back to Barcelona airport, you must purchase the pocket-friendly Port Aventura to Bcn Airport ticket.

Does PortAventura have a train station?

Yes, there is a train station called PortAventura train station where you can get off to visit PortAventura Park. 

It is just a 20-minute walk from the various PortAventura hotels, a highly recommended stay as it makes many things easier for you. 

From Catalonian, you can take the R-17 or RT2 lines of Rodalies de Catalunya. 

What airport do you fly into for PortAventura?

The nearest airport to PortAventura World is Reus Airport, which is 10 minutes away from the park. 

However, most people prefer to land at El Prat Airport in Barcelona. It is also pretty close, merely an hour away. 

You can find a lot of transfer trips from Barcelona to PortAventura parks and other attractions as well.

How do I get from Madrid to PortAventura?

The distance between Madrid and PortAventura is approximately 552 km (343 miles), and there are multiple ways to reach PortAventura from Madrid. 

You can drive depending on your route and traffic situation, which will take over 6 hours. 

The recommended way to get to PortAventura from Madrid is to catch a train from Madrid-Puerta De Atocha to Camp De Tarragona. 

From there you can take a taxi to PortAventura. 

How to get from Barcelona Centre to PortAventura?

You can take a bus or train to get to PortAventura from Barcelona. 

Both bus and train take approximately the same time, around 1 hour and 50 minutes. 

The bus will be cheaper, and you can catch the Flixbus N1131. But it travels only once daily. 

You must take Paseo De Gracia to PortAventura World to reach via train. From the PortAventura station, the park is within walking distance.

How to get to PortAventura from Salou?

The distance between PortAventura and Salou is merely 4 km (2.5 miles), and there are three ways to go from Salou to PortAventura. 

The most preferred way is to get a taxi as you can reach Port Aventura within 5 minutes. Other ways include catching a shuttle, which will take more time. 

Many people also prefer simply to walk as well, which can take 20 to 25 minutes.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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