PortAventura Height Restrictions

The PortAventura World gives people of all ages, young or old, countless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

However, there are a few restrictions at PortAventura that you should follow for your safety.

If you are in a group or with family, consider the height of each member of your group to fully enjoy the theme park-cum-resort.

The information about the restriction becomes crucial when traveling with kids, as many rides may not suit them.

There are minimum and maximum PortAventura height restrictions for particular attractions at PortAventura World. `

Some of the park’s attractions may also have weight or age limitations. So make sure to check out which rides you can enjoy and Book your PortAventura tickets accordingly.

Below are some of the PortAventura height restrictions for your convenience.

PortAventura Ride Height Restrictions

PortAventura Ride Height Restrictions
Image: Portaventuraworld.com
  • PortAventura Drop Tower height restriction (Hurakan Condor)

The iconic Hurakan Condor ride at Portaventura stands at a towering height of 115m (377 feet).

To board PortAventura Hurakan Condor, height must be a minimum of 140 cm(55 inches) and a maximum of 195 cm (197 inches).

  • PortAventura Shambhala height restriction:

As one of Europe’s tallest and fastest roller coasters, Shambhala is a must-visit for thrill-seekers.

Visitors should be at least 140 cm (4 feet 7 inches) tall to board this high-speed adventure.

RideLocationPortAventura height restrictions
Tutuki SplashPolynesia area120 cm (47 inches)
UnchartedFar West130 cm (51 inches)
Street MissionSésamoAventura90 cm (35 inches)
Tami TamiSésamoAventura100 cm (39 inches)
Silver River FlumeFar West100 cm (39 inches)
Hurakan CondorMéxico area140 cm (55 inches)
Dragon KhanChina area140 cm (55 inches)
Furius BacoMediterrània area140 cm (55 inches)

For a more detailed overview of all the rides and height restrictions PortAventura Theme Park. Check this PDF.

Also, several rides have no height restrictions, making them accessible to visitors of all ages. Some of these are

Furius Baco (Train Ride)Port De La DrassanaCanoes
WaikikiEl Árbol MágicoEl Huerto Encantado
Buffalo RodeoCarouselPenitence Station
AngkorÁrea InfantilWaitan Port
El Secreto De Los MayasArmadillosBuffalo Rodeo

Now that you know the necessary information, book PortAventura Park tickets.

Ferrari Land Height Restrictions

height restrictions
Image: Portaventuraworld.com

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, Ferrari Land has specific height restrictions for its attractions.

RidesPortAventura height restrictions
Champions Race90 cm (35 in)
Maranello Grand Race100 cm (39 in)
Junior Red Force95 cm (37 in)
Torre Caida Libre130 cm (51 in)
Racing Legends110 cm (43 in)
Crazy Pistons120 cm (47 in)
Kids Tower100 cm (39 in)
Red Force140 cm (55 in)
Junior Championship90 cm (35 in)
Pole Position Challenge140 cm (55 in)
Flying Dreams100 cm (39 in)

You can also find all the information you need about how tall you must be to enjoy the various attractions at Ferrari Land in this PDF.

The Kids Podium and FerrariLand Gallery are two rides suitable for all visitors as they have no height restrictions.

After going through the PortAventura height restrictions, you must book your Ferrari Land tickets to ensure priority access.

Caribe Aquatic Park Height Requirements

You will learn everything about the height requirement for all the rides of Caribe Aquatic Park, along with the depth of the pools, so you can choose what’s best for you.

RidesPortAventura Height Restrictions
Junior Body Slides100 cm (39 in)
Mambo Limbo110 cm (43 in)
Ciclon Tropical140 cm (55 in)
El Galeón Pirata110 cm (43 in)
Rapid Race120 cm (47 in)
El Tifon120 cm (47 in)
King Khajuna140 cm (55 in)

Here’s the Caribe Aquatic Park height requirement of all the rides for your reference.

Also, some attractions at Caribe Aquatic Park have no specified height restrictions, making them accessible to visitors of all heights.

Furius Baco – Zona IndoorEl Río Loco
La Laguna De WoodyBarracudas
Bahama BeachEl Torrente
Playa ParaisoCayo Cookie
El Triángulo de las BermudasSesamo Beach

In addition to the height restrictions at the Caribe Aquatic Park, there are other specific prohibitions.

You can’t bring certain items, like glassware, jewelry, and cameras, inside the water park for safety.

Now that you have all the information about PortAventura height restrictions book your Caribe Aquatic Park tickets!

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What age range is PortAventura for?

PortAventura is for everyone– Not all rides are for everyone, but there is something for all. 

There is no minimum age limitation for the PortAventura World. There are rides in every theme park for every age. 

Children as young as three years can also have fun and enjoy themselves. There are few rides specifically made for them. 

And then some rides can even make adults think twice and get their hearts pumping.

How tall must you be to go on Red Force?

The Red Force is one of Europe’s fastest rides, so it is one of the highlights of the Ferrari Land

The minimum height restriction is 140 cm or 1.40 meters, and the maximum is 195 cm or 1.95 meters. 
So, if your height is around 4 ft 7 inch to 6 ft 5 inch, you can experience this adventurous ride.

What are the height restrictions for Tutuki Splash?

A popular ride in PortAventura Park among tourists is the Tutuki Splash. 

The minimum height restriction is 105 cm (1.05 meters).
The maximum height restriction is 185 cm (1.85 meters.) 

You can ride this amazing fun-filled, thrilling ride if you are between 3 feet 5 inches to 6.07 feet. 

Is PortAventura plus-size friendly?

To ensure visitors’ safety, there are minimum and maximum PortAventura ride height restrictions for plenty of rides at the PortAventura world. 

However, there aren’t any PortAventura weight restrictions advertised explicitly. 

As long as you can fit into the ride and satisfy the height criteria, you can enjoy most, if not all, rides. 

Read PortAventura tips to plan a smooth visit! 

Are there any Ferrari Land height restrictions?

There are plenty of exciting rides at the Ferrari Land
Many rides don’t have a minimum height restriction. 

But some rides, such as the Torre Rebote, Torre Caida Libre, Racing Legends, etc, have different height restrictions based on safety requirements. 

For instance, the height restriction for the most popular ride, Red Force, is 140 cm (55 in)

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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