Luxury and Comfort at PortAventura Hotels

Do you want to make your trip to PortAventura world more exhilarating? Then, a stay in one of the themed PortAventura hotels should be on your checklist.

PortAventura theme park offers fast and adrenaline-pumping rides for people of all ages and unique attractions such as musical and educational shows.

But to make this experience memorable, book one of the six luxurious PortAventura World hotels. 

By choosing Port Aventura hotels, you benefit from unlimited access to PortAventura amusement park (including arrival and departure days).

Here are the PortAventura hotels you can choose from for a comfortable stay. 

Hotel Mansion de Lucy

Hotel Mansion de Lucy PortAventura is only 1.2 km from the PortAventura train station.

It is a Far West-themed hotel with exquisite Victorian-style rooms. 

The stay at this five-star hotel in PortAventura has complimentary unlimited free access to the PortAventura theme park. 

It includes the arrival and departure day and 1-day access to the Ferrari Land per person.

The rooms combine Victorian aesthetics beautifully to provide a comfortable and cozy experience. 

The hotel has several restaurants, bars and minibars to satisfy and surprise your taste buds. 

You also enjoy healthy PortAventura Hotel offers and discounts with the tickets for PortAventura World

You won’t find a better stay with this kind of comfort, food, access and experience. 

Best for Families 
Salient features:

  • Free wifi
  • Complimentary park passes
  • 2 seasonal outdoor pools
  • Free Parking
  • Sauna
  • Full- laundry
  • Breakfast buffet with tons of choices, including vegan and Halal options

Prices: €275 to €673

Hotel Colorado Creek

Hotel Colorado Creek
Image: Pafans.com

PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek is located 4 km from the PortAventura train station and conveniently 5 km from the famous Ponent Beach.

This 4-star hotel draws inspiration from the Far West and carries a rustic charm in its wooden-clad rooms that will put you in cowboy boots. 

All the rooms are spacious, comfortable and cozy, with a working desk. They all have flat-screen TVs and AC as well. 

A hotel is more than just a bunch of rooms; PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek takes special pride in customer service.

All residents have first-class reviews for the service, food and overall experience. 

The biggest perk of staying here is the free, unlimited access to PortAventura theme park (including the day of arrival and departure).

Additionally, you can get 1-day access to the Ferrari Land per person per visit. 

It will be a relaxing, comfortable and hassle-free stay where you can enjoy yourself and focus more on exploring nearby places. 

It also allows you to avoid the crowd using Express Park access. 

Best for: Couples and Families

Salient features:

  • Safes, TV and AC 
  • Free wifi
  • Outdoor pools
  • Gym, sauna, & hot tub
  • Kids pool
  • Free Parking
  • Cots for babies
  • Game area
  • Breakfast buffet 

Price: €169 to €621

Gold River Hotel Portaventura – Sullivan’s Town 

gold river hotel portaventura
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

PortAventura Hotel Gold River is perfect if you want a different experience than staying in the same old generic hotel rooms. 

It is an hour’s drive from Barcelona. Experience a unique stay in a hotel based on the original Far-West town of Sullivan. 

Themed around the American gold rush, this 4-star hotel will transport you back in time with its period-correct architecture and decor.

It is an adventure to stay and experience the simple, good old times. 

The cherry on the delicious cake is the unlimited access to PortAventura theme park and 1-day access to Ferrari Land per person visit. 

All the rooms are nice and comfortable, and the staff makes the entire experience even more memorable with their impeccable service. 

The breakfast buffet, bar menu and whole food menu are delightful. 

Best for: Thriller-seekers 

Salient features: 

  • Entertainment programs 
  • Cots for babies 
  • Free wifi 
  • Free Parking 
  • 3 river-styled pools
  • Snack bar
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Breakfast buffets

Price: €158 to €699

PortAventura Hotel PortAventura

If you are looking for a stay where you can do much more than just the PortAventura theme parks by exploring more, this is the right place. 

It is just an hour’s drive from Barcelona, a 13-minute walk from the Port Aventura train station and 2 km from the nearest beach. 

Mediterranean villages are the inspiration for this 4-star hotel. It includes a garden and a lake. 

The decor’s earthy tones and the big, airy, modern room will instantly give you a calm and relaxing vibe. 

The ambiance and comfort will soothe your stress and replenish you. You can then further explore and enjoy your vacation.

Its value proposition goes off the roof when you consider that you get unlimited access to PortAventura theme park. 

It includes the arrival and departure days and 1-day access to the Ferrari Land per person per visit. 

Best for: Love birds

Salient features: 

  • Free wifi
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Snacks & drinks by the poolside
  • Game area
  • Entertainment program 
  • Luggage storage 
  • à la carte options for breakfast
  • Cots for babies
  • Kids pool 
  • Spa

Price: €176 to €428

PortAventura Park Skip the line Entrance

– Entry to PortAventura
– Access Events and Shows

PortAventura Park Skip the line Entrance

– Entry to PortAventura
– Access Events and Shows

PortAventura Park + Ferrari Land

Skip-the-line entrance to both parks
-1, 2 or 3 entries, depending on the ticket option chosen
-Access to the shows

PortAventura + Ferrari Land (optional): Roundtrip from Barcelona

Roundtrip in an air-conditioned bus
-PortAventura tickets
-Optional Ferrari Land tickets (if selected)

Hotel Caribe PortAventura – A Tranquil Oasis 

carbie hotel portaventura
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

Located merely 1.4 km from the PortAventura train station, Hotel El Caribe PortAventura is a perfect destination if you visit the PortAventura theme park via public transport. 

One great thing about its location is that Salou Beach is just 500 m from here, so you can explore more in the surrounding area. 

This 4-star hotel also boasts Europe’s most prominent white Sand swimming pool. 

It will transport you to the Caribbean as the hotel structure, decor and aesthetics are all tropical-inspired.

The Hotel Caribe Resort Portaventura’s ambiance and customer service are unmatched.

The icing on the cake is the unlimited access to PortAventura World, its exquisite rides, shows and whatnot. 

Best for: easygoing, happy people. 

Salient features of Hotel Caribe Portaventura: 

  • Free wifi 
  • Hot tub and wellness Spa
  • Pool area and Jacuzzi 
  • Smoke-free property
  • Snack bar
  • 2 restaurants, bars and a cafe
  • Entertainment program 
  • Game area

Price: €140 to €685

Hotel El Paso PortAventura – a Cozy Mexican Stay

PortAventura Hotel El Paso will be the most convenient location for you if you want a hotel closest to the PortAventura theme park. 

Located within a 7-minute walk from Ferrari Land and a leisurely 5-minute walk from Port Aventura, you can explore the nearby Llevant beach, only 2 km away. 

The authentic hacienda inspires this 4-star hotel in colonial Mexico, with lush and exotic gardens and a pool surrounding the hotel building. 

The architecture, decorations, and furniture will give you the culture’s authentic taste, color, and flavor. 

The rooms are big, comfortable and cozy. The staff and the food choices will further make your stay memorable. 

To sweeten the deal, you also get unlimited access to PortAventura theme park (including the day of arrival and departure) and 1-day entry to the Ferrari Land per person per visit.

Best for: Comfort-seekers

Salient features of Hotel El Paso Portaventura:

  • Free wifi 
  • à la Carte breakfast options
  • Cots for babies 
  • Kids pool
  • Game area 
  • Entertainment program 
  • Free Parking 

Price: €160 to €464


Does PortAventura have a hotel?

PortAventura Resort features 6 luxurious hotels and you can select any of these for your stay. 

All the Hotel portaventura Barcelona are 4-star or 5-star and are all based on fascinating themes such as the Mediterranean, Far-west, and many more places. 

You can enjoy plenty of Portaventura hotel offers and perks if you stay in one of these amazing hotels. 

How many hotels are there in PortAventura?

There are a total of 6 Hotel resorts in PortAventura. All of these PortAventura hotels are either 4-star or 5-star. 

The accommodation is top class and all the hotels are themed, so you get a unique experience compared to any other regular hotel. 

There are also a few perks of staying in the PortAventura hotels such as free parking and unlimited access to the PortAventura theme park. 

What are the best PortAventura hotels?

There are no outright best PortAventura hotels as all of the six hotels of PortAventura are other 4-star rated or 5-star. 

All hotels have a distinct theme to add another layer of fun and fascination.
The best PortAventura World hotel is the one you vibe with and offers the most services. 

Which hotels near PortAventura in Salou are romantic?

All the PortAventura World hotels are among the best hotels in Salou that give you free access to all three PortAventura theme parks.

The Mediterranean theme of the PortAventura hotels makes the stay cozier and romantic for couples. 

Some equally good options include PortAventura Hotel Colorado Creek and Caribe PortAventura Hotel. 

Both provide good service and an unmatched romantic vibe to make your stay unforgettable. 

Which hotels near PortAventura in Salou are good for families?

For families, many great hotels near PortAventura offer comfortable stays and excellent service. 

PortAventura Hotel Mansion de Lucy will be an unforgettable stay, especially for kids due to its Far-West theme. 

El Paso PortAventura Hotel and the PortAventura Hotel Gold River are other family options, allowing you to cherish PortAventura Park completely.

Is there a hotel Cerca PortAventura, for easy access to the theme park?

Several PortAventura hotels offer a convenient and comfortable stay with easy access to the theme park.

Choose from options like Hotel Mansion de Lucy, a five-star Far West-themed haven, Hotel Colorado Creek, a rustic four-star retreat or Caribe Hotel Portaventura.

Enjoy complimentary unlimited access to PortAventura theme park, including arrival and departure days.

Additional perks include portaventura y hotel ofertas on tickets and access to Ferrari Land.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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