PortAventura Hours: A Detailed Guide to Time Your Visit 

The PortAventura World has three theme parks– Ferrari Land, Portaventura Park and Caribe Aquatic Park, along with PortAventura hotels.

All these attractions operate with different schedules and have different hours of operation.

To make an itinerary consisting of all or a few attractions, visitors must check the PortAventura Hours.

This article will cover all relevant details, including the PortAventura schedule:

PortAventura opening times

Portaventura opening hours
Image: Portaventuraworld.com

The PortAventura opening times are either from 10 am or 10.30 am.

These PortAventura hours of operation tend to change depending on the month and seasons.

For the first six months, from January to June, the PortAventure opening hours are 10 am consistently without any change. 

However, PortAventura opening hours for the next six months, from July to December, change to 10.30 am. 

Ferrari Land has varying opening hours in low and high tourist seasons.

During high season ferrari land operates from 10 am to 4 pm, and on low tourist seasons, from 4 pm to 10 pm.

The park remains closed in February and March.

The opening times of Caribe Aquatic Park follow the PortAventura opening hours. But since it is a waterpark, it remains closed for half the year (winter months)

Knowing the PortAventura hours is as helpful as knowing the best time to visit the PortAventura World.

PortAventura closing time 

port aquaventa closing hours
Image: Portaventuraworld.com

Just like PortAventura opening times, the closing time also differs depending on the time of the year. 

For the first three months, the PortAventura closing time is 6 pm. 

From April, there are a few occasions when visitors enjoy extended stays, and the PortAventura closing time moves by 1 hour, up to 7 pm on most days. 

However, there are a few instances, especially during the weekend, when the PortAventura closing time moves to 8 pm. 

From July onwards, the PortAventura hours of operation are the longest as the closing time is at 10.30 pm. 

The closing time for Ferrari Land is consistent throughout the year at 10 pm. 

The closing time for Caribe Aquatic Park is 6 pm in the initial few weeks during the year when it is open. Later, it moves to 6.30 pm for an extended stay.

PortAventura Schedule

ParkHoursOpening DatesPeak Season
PortAventura10 am or 10.30 am to 6 pm.February 3rd week to January 1st week.April to October
Ferrari Land10 am to 4 pm or4 pm to 10 pm.March to JanuaryApril to October
Caribe Aquatic Park10 am or 10.30 am to 6 pm.End of May to mid-SeptemberSummer season

PortAventura World has three parks, all offering varied rides and following different schedules. 

Portaventura Park remains open in January for the first week of the year, and then it remains closed till almost the entire of February and the major portion of March. 

PortAventura’s Schedule has remained consistent since April as it remains open for the entire year. 

The PortAventura Schedule of Caribe Aquatic Park is it is open from the last week of May to the first half of September. 

The schedule for the Ferrari Land is slightly different than the PortAventura Schedule. It remains closed for the months of February and March. 

It remains open for the rest of the year, except for a few occasions when it remains closed due to festivities or other public holidays.

For detailed information about the PortAventura schedule, check the real-time updates here.

For your ease, we have listed the top PortAventura tickets.

PortAventura Wait Times

port aquaventa waiting hours
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Wait times at PortAventura World, particularly in Ferrari Land, are a key factor determining when you should visit this popular theme park.

Based on recent data, rides with some of the highest wait times include Flying Dreams, Maranello Grand Race, Racing Legends, Red Force, and Torres de Rebote. Read more.

The wait time for these rides is usually more than 15 minutes.

Thus, knowing the PortAventura World hours of operation and managing wait times effectively can enhance your overall experience.

Here are a few tips on managing your time within the PortAventura park opening hours.

The summer months, weekends and school holidays are extensive PortAventura busy times, and you can expect longer lines and wait times for popular rides.

Try visiting Portaventura during the off-season or on weekdays, which often results in shorter wait times.

Consider getting to the park as it opens or staying later to take advantage of shorter queues.

PortAventura provides a mobile app that includes real-time information on ride wait times. 

So, checking the app regularly can help you plan your day efficiently, prioritizing attractions with shorter lines.

Another helpful tip would be to book your PortAventura Entry passes in advance to skip the long queues and avoid wait times.

The Best Time to Visit PortAventura

The Best Time to Visit PortAventura
Image: Facebook.com(PortAventuraOfficial)

The best time to visit PortAventura would be early in the morning on all weekdays,  specifically on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday because it is the least crowded.

But make sure that a public holiday doesn’t coincide with one of the weekdays, or else the park will be extremely crowded.

The park will always see more visitors during the summer, long weekends, Easter, and holiday celebrations like Halloween.

The majority of the crowd comes from Spain and nearby France. So, it would be best to avoid visiting during school holidays.

The waiting time for the rides can be up to and sometimes over two hours when the school-going crowd reaches the park.

We recommend you buy your PortAventura tickets in advance and avoid long queues, especially on Saturday and Sunday, as these are the most popular days for families.


What are the PortAventura World opening dates and times?

PortAventura opens at 10 am, with closing times varying between 6 pm and 8 pm based on the season.

Dates and times are specified upon ticket purchase, ensuring visitors can plan accordingly for an immersive experience.

Does PortAventura close in winter?

PortAventura World doesn’t remain open throughout the year. 

PortAventura closes for some days in winter, that is from the second week of January to the second week of February.

However, there are select dates during December when the amusement park of PortAventura especially opens. 

This time of festivities is ideal for visiting the PortAventura theme park.
The Caribe Aquatic park remains open only in summer and closes during winter.

To know more, keep track of the park’s official schedule

Is Ferrari land open all year round?

Ferrari Land remains open all year round.

You can check the schedule of all three parks on their official website to plan your visit accordingly. 

What are the opening times Port Aventura theme park?

PortAventura Theme Park opening times and closing times are different throughout the year.  

PortAventura opening hours remain unchanged regardless of peak season or low season, at 10 am. 

However, the closing time during the high season of PortAventura is 2 hours more than usual, at 8 pm. During the low season, PortAventura closes at 6 pm. 

Do check out their official website for more detailed information. 

What are Portaventura opening dates 2024?

PortAventura Park opens its gates on February third week, welcoming visitors to enjoy its attractions until January first week.

Ferrari Land, offering excitement on selected dates, operates from March to January. 

Meanwhile, Caribe Aquatic Park invites guests to make a splash during the summer months, specifically from June 1 until the first half of September. 

Check out their website for more information. 

What time do the rides close PortAventura?

All the rides at PortAventura World start operating as soon as the park opens and continue until the park closes. 

Thus, during weekdays, the rides close at 7 or 6 pm, depending on the high and low seasons. 

During the weekends, PortAventura hours of operation continue after sunset till 8 pm.

When is the best time to go to PortAventura.

If you want to experience all three parks of PortAventura world, then the best time to go to PortAventura is during the summer, between June and August. 

July is the hottest month, with an average daily maximum temperature of 31° C.
Caribe Aquatic Park is open. You can stretch your legs and relax on the poolside or enjoy plenty of water-based activities. 

What are the PortAventura peak seasons?

The peak season at PortAventura is during the summer season, from June or July to August or September. 

Coincidentally, this is when Caribe Aquatic Park remains open for visitors to experience and enjoy water-based activities. 

But if you plan your visit smartly, you can save time, enjoy the place adequately and explore surrounding attractions.

Read PortAventura tips to know more.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

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