PortAventura Parking

PortAventura Park provides ample parking space for visitors who arrive by car.

Different parking rates depend on the vehicle type, with options for cars, campervans, trucks, and motorcycles.

It offers various services, including transfer services from Barcelona to PortAventura and the ease of parking.

PortAventura also offers a pick-up service for those with electric cars, making it convenient for eco-conscious travelers.

So, learn about the PortAventura parking and their respective hourly charges.

Remember that you can find full occupancy during rush hours, so plan wisely by checking out the best time to visit and book your PortAventura tickets.

PortAventura Parking Zone

PortAventura Parking Zone
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The PortAventura World parking is in Port Aventura, 43480 Vila-seca, Tarragona, Spain.

Find Directions on the PortAventura map.

The PortAventura theme park offers ample parking space for your car. There are two parking lots in PortAventura– “Seat Toledo” and “Seat Ibiza.”

Apart from the location, the parking in PortAventura is the same.

You will have to pay the attendant to enter the parking grounds as there are no provisions for a free PortAventura parking space.

The rates at parking PortAventura are:

VehicleCosts per hour
Car in the preferential zone€15
Campervans and Trucks€12

Note:If you are visiting Ferrari Land specifically, then you must park your car in the Ferrari Land parking.

PortAventura Parking in Salou

Parking Saba Corona d’Aragó, Salou
Image: Salou.cat

PortAventura is situated along the Spanish coast, adjacent to the town of Salou.

The parking situation in Salou presents both paid and free options, with more than 1,600 parking spaces scattered across the town.

While finding free parking during the tourist season can be challenging, it’s not entirely impossible if you’re willing to take a stroll.

Parking Saba Corona d’Aragó, Salou

Parking Saba Corona d’Arago is located at Plza. Corona d’Aragó, s/n, 43840 Salou.

Parking facilities are available from June to September and even at Easter for 24 hours.

You will be fine with your vehicle for however long you need.

The hourly fee of the facility starts from €3 per hour and varies with your vehicle type.

 So go ahead and book your tickets now.

Aparcament a Salou

Located just 13 minutes away from PortAventura World, Aparcament a Salou provides a convenient parking option for those looking for free Portaventura parking.

Whether you’re traveling from Salou, Vila-seca, or even Madrid, this parking location offers accessibility and ease for visitors heading to PortAventura World.

Some other parking options in Salou are:

Parking lotsDistance from PortaventuraTime to reach
Parking Salou S.L.5.2 km8 minutes
Pàrquing gratuït8.5 km12 minutes
Parking APK2 Playa de Levante5.6 km9 minutes
Parking Joan Fuster5 km7 minutes

With numerous PortAventura parking facilities catering to different needs and preferences, your journey to this exciting destination promises to be hassle-free.

Don’t hesitate—book your tickets now and embark on a worry-free adventure at PortAventura!


What are the PortAventura Park services?

PortAventura offers plenty of services. One of which is the free PortAventura parking.

There are ways to secure free parking if you have booked your tickets smartly. 

You can get an Express Premium Pass or book a stay within the luxurious PortAventura hotels for free parking at the hotel or the park. 

Or, you can pay the standard parking rates and park your car in the vast parking of PortAventura. 

Is there a parking lot in PortAventura?

PortAventura has an extensive parking area for visitors to park their vehicles. 

The rates for PortAventura’s parking are €14 per car,  €17 in the preferential zone, and campervans and trucks €14. For bikes, you have to pay merely €4. 

But, if you get the Express premium pass or book a stay in the PortAventura hotel, then the parking is free of cost. 

Can you quickly get parking in PortAventura?

Yes, you can quickly get a parking spot at PortAventura world. The parking zone is vast. 

However, parking is not free; you will have to pay a nominal charge per your parking preference. 

You can choose parking that suits your needs from €14 for cars to as low as €4 for bikes.  

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