How Long Does it Take to Visit PortAventura?

You can explore PortAventura World in 2 to 3 days to relish everything (all three amusement parks) with peace of mind.

Allocate a whole day to the PortAventura Amusement Park and a separate day to the Caribe Water Park for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

While Ferrari land may not be a priority for some, you could devote another few hours or a full day, depending on your interest.

However, how long does it take to visit PortAventura World depends on when and how you plan to visit it.

If you are visiting PortAventura from Barcelona or some other nearby city, then you should spare a few days for this attraction.

Buy the PortAventura tickets that give you access to all three amusement parks for 1 to 3 days based on your preference and choices.

You can also check popular activities near PortAventura for a your extended and pleasurable stay at one of the PortAventura Hotels.

If you choose to stay at one of the resort’s hotels, you may have the advantage of early park access, allowing you to make the most of your time at the parks.

No matter what you choose, remember to arrive during the early hours of PortAventura and head towards the main thrill-seeking rides straightway.

Also, book your tickets in advance to avoid the rush with added skip-the-line benefits.

Portaventura Tour Duration

Portaventura Tour Duration
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PortAventura World has three main parks: PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park, and to fully experience these parks, you should allocate time for each.

Exploring all three PortAventura theme parks can take one to three days.

PortAventura theme park alone can easily take two days, especially if you want to enjoy all its attractions, shows, and dining options.

Dedicating at least one full day to explore each of the park’s six thematic areas is highly recommended.

If you’re a Formula 1 enthusiast or a fan of high-speed rides, Ferrari Land can be thoroughly enjoyed in a single day. 

For a day of watery fun and relaxation, Caribe Aquatic Park is the place to be. A full day is ideal to make the most of its water rides, pools, and shows.

So, choose a three-day leisure trip with your kids and family in Spain. Stay at Portaventura Hotels if you wish and explore the attraction together.

You can visit all the attractions within this time frame if you arrive at the park at the best time to visit PortAventura.

Itinerary for One Day PortAventura Trip

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Arrive at PortAventura Park at 9 am when it opens to make the most of your day.

Start your day by exploring PortAventura’s Mediterranean and Polynesia sections and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at one of the park’s cafes.

Head to the China section for adrenaline-pumping rides like Dragon Khan and Shambhala.

Take a break for lunch at one of the park’s themed restaurants. China, Mexico, and Far West areas offer great dining options.

After lunch, make your way to Ferrari Land and enjoy the world of high-speed racing with attractions like Red Force and Racing Legends.

Head back to PortAventura Park for more excitement and continue your adventure by exploring the Mexico and Far West sections.

Transition to Caribe Aquatic Park for a change of pace and enjoy water slides, lazy rivers, and swimming pools at Caribe Aquatic Park.

Savor a Caribbean-inspired dinner at one of the park’s restaurants and conclude your day with spectacular evening shows in PortAventura Park.

Explore PortAventura and Ferrari Land at your own pace with a Salou ticket—1, 2, or 3 days
Skip lines, ride roller coasters, and enjoy the upcoming festivals and events for a delightful day at PortAventura!


How long does it take at PortAventura theme park?

The duration of a tour of PortAventura Park depends on your ticket type and whether you want to explore all three theme parks.

It can range anywhere from one to three days to fully explore all attractions/rides inside all three theme parks of PortAventura.

If you are in a hurry, you can explore PortAventura Park in 2 days, but you need to plan your visit smartly.

Is 1 day enough for PortAventura?

1 day is enough to visit any of the three theme parks of PortAventura (PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land).

However, managing time can be tough if you want to explore more than one park.

Hence, you should explore one park daily to enjoy yourself without hurrying. 

How long are the queues in PortAventura?

The queues at PortAventura vary depending on whether you visit the park during peak season or low season. 

On average, more prominent rides have queues over 2 hours long. 

However, if you pick a quiet day during the week or visit during the low season, you will face fewer crowds. 

How long does it take to visit PortAventura Ferrari land?

PortAventura Ferrari Land has relatively few rides (about six to seven). So it will take you considerably less time to explore it. 

If you reach early at the time of park opening, 10 am, you can tour Ferrari Land in 2-3 hours. 

But depending on the peak season and day of the week, you may take longer and sometimes less than 2 hours.

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