PortAventura Tickets

Situated in the coastal town of Salou, Spain, PortAventura World is the third largest and one of the most visited theme parks in Europe.

It includes three captivating amusement parks, six PortAventura hotels, a convention center, and an RV park, making it an entertainment hub.

The trio of captivating amusement parks at the PortAventura World are the PortAventura theme Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park.

You can enjoy fantastic performances by local artists, savor delicious meals in charming restaurants, and explore a variety of shops.

As you plan your visit to this adventure land, pick one of the Port Aventura tickets that suits your preferences and kickstart your thrilling journey.

PortAventura Snapshot

Opening Hours: 10 am to 8 pm

Time required:  1 to 3 days.

Best time to Visit: July & August

Ticket prices: € 56 (US $60)

Nearest Station: Salou – Port Aventura


PortAventura is in Salou, a coastal town in Catalonia, Spain.

Address: Avinguda Alcalde Pere Molas, s/n 43480 Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Spain.Get directions!

Top 4 Portaventura Tickets

PortAventura Theme Park Entry Ticket

PortAventura Theme park

– Entrance to Portaventura Theme Park.
– Halloween season from September 23 till November 12.
– Year’s greatest experience: Uncharted, the first dark ride roller coaster.
Price: € 40 (US $42)

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PortAventura Theme Park Entry Ticket

PortAventura Theme park

– Entrance to Portaventura Theme Park.
– Halloween season from September 23 till November 12.
– Year’s greatest experience: Uncharted, the first dark ride roller coaster.
Price: € 40 (US $42)

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PortAventura + Ferrari Land Combo Tickets

– PortAventura Park entry ticket for either 1, 2 or 3 days.
-1-time Ferrari Land entry.
– VIP skip the line entry to both
– Parking fee included with this combo
Price:  € 56 (US $60)

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The Barcelona Pass

– 24 or 48-hour Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour
– Fast track access to Sagrada Familia
-Park Güell Entry with Self-Guided Audio Tour
– 10% Future Discount on Barcelona’s sites.
Price: €85 (US $90)

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Why Should You Buy Port Aventura Tickets Online?

You can buy Portaventura Spain tickets from the park’s ticket counter (Club Office) outside the entrance, but we suggest you get them online in advance. 

The theme park receives about 5 million people each year, hence, the park is mostly crowded.

Online tickets ensure you get entry and tend to be cheaper than the price you will pay at the gate. 

It is the best spot to purchase cheap PortAventura tickets due to the attractive age-based discounts offered online.  

From skip the line tickets to PortAventura VIP tickets, there is a greater variety of tickets online.

When you buy your tickets online, you avoid the hassle of standing in long lines outside the amusement park under the scorching sun. 

And during peak season, these waiting times can go up to 40 to 50 minutes long.

The park has a capacity of up to 4000 people in one slot, so during peak seasons, the good time slots may sell out if you wait to purchase the tickets at the venue.

Note: Know the best time and how long to spend at the fantastic entertainment complex of Portaventura in Salou and get the most out of your visit. 

How do Online PortAventura Barcelona Tickets Work?

When you reserve Portaventura theme park tickets, they’re sent to your email, and there is no need for printed copies.

You can simply display the e-ticket on your smartphone and enter the attraction.

Types of PortAventura World Tickets

The most popular tickets grant entrance to all three amusement parks of PortAventura World– The PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park.

PortAventura and Ferrari Land tickets are the most popular combo, as they remain open most of the year.

However, if you know the schedule, you can visit all three with one– Caribe Aquatic Park, PortAventura and Ferrari Land tickets

PortAventura World can also be reached using transfer tickets such as Portaventura and Ferrari Land Ticket with Roundtrip from Barcelona.

The combos, like Codorniu winery guided tour, allow visitors to explore the hidden gems of Barcelona and chase the thrill of various rides. 

The Barcelona Pass includes Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour, Barcelona City Audio Guide App and a 10% discount on other Barcelona attractions.

Portaventura Skip the Line Tickets

There are three amusement parks within PortAventura World- PortAventura Theme Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park each catering to the interests of different visitors.

Choose your preferred adventure park and secure your ticket:

PortAventura Park

PortAventura fast pass tickets allow you to enter various themed zones, from Aztec Mexico to Imperial China, on the Port Aventura tour.

Access over 37 attractions, from heart-pounding roller coasters to refreshing water rides and cowboy shows at the theme park.

This ticket is best suited for travelers looking for a day of thrilling and diverse experiences in a theme park that caters to all age groups.

It is an excellent choice for families, adventure enthusiasts, and those who appreciate seasonal surprises.

Portaventura Ticket Prices:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€52 (US $57) 
Senior citizens’ ticket (60+ years)€46 (US $50)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€46 (US $50)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Ferrari Land

This ticket provides a direct entrance to Ferrari Land, where you can find the Scuderia Ferrari and the iconic prancing horse.

Enjoy thrilling Ferrari-themed rides, including a simulated trip worldwide in a Ferrari GT.

This ticket is ideal for car enthusiasts and adventure seekers who want to experience the adrenaline rush of Ferrari-themed rides and attractions.

PortAventura Ferrari Land Ticket Prices:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€21 (US $23) 
Senior citizen’s ticket (60+ years)€18 (US $20) 
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€18 (US $20) 
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Caribe Aquatic Park

This ticket offers access to the highest freefall slide in Europe and over 50,000 square meters of water fun.

It also includes roundtrip transportation from Barcelona to Caribe Aquatic Park, making it a stress-free option.

This ticket is perfect for families and water park enthusiasts seeking a day of refreshing and thrilling experiences at Caribe Aquatic Park. 

An ideal choice for those who want to take a break from the summer heat and enjoy a variety of water-based attractions.

Portaventura Water Park Ticket Price:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€33 (US $36)
Senior citizen’s ticket (60+ years)€29 (US $32)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€29 (US $32)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Portaventura Theme Park Tickets Combos

portaventura tickets
Image: PortAventuraWorld.com

The combo tickets allow visitors to efficiently enjoy two themed sections with a single ticket, making it a cost-effective and convenient choice.

Some popular PortAventura ticket combos are:

Portaventura and Ferrari Land Tickets

With this ticket, you can enjoy a Port Aventura tour, including PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land, in one day, offering a wide range of attractions and entertainment.

This tour is well-suited for families, groups, or individual travelers looking for an exciting day out with a combination of thrilling rides, shows, and attractions.

It’s ideal for those interested in both PortAventura and Ferrari Land, making the most of their visit by combining two attractions in one day.

Price of Ferrari Land and Portaventura theme Park Tickets

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€75 (US $80)
Senior citizens ticket (60 years above)€67 (US $71)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€67 (US $71)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park

This ticket offers the best of both of Portaventura World!

Currently, you can explore not one but two thrilling theme parks – PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land, as Caribe Aquatic Park is closed. 

Whether you choose a 1, 2, or 3-day option, you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy these parks at your own pace.

This ticket is an excellent choice for adventure enthusiasts, families, and groups of friends looking to enjoy the excitement of PortAventura and Ferrari Land.

With access to a wide range of attractions, roller coasters, shows, and dining options, it caters to a diverse audience seeking fun and adventure.

Price of Ferrari Land, Caribe Aquatic Park and Port Aventura Spain tickets:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€59 (US $62)
Senior citizens ticket (60 years above)€52 (US $55)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€52 (US $55)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Portaventura Transfer Tickets

The Transfer Tickets provide a hassle-free and convenient way for visitors to access the park, enhancing their overall experience.

You can get the transfer tickets and forget about finding directions, parking, or navigating public transportation to reach PortAventura World.

PortAventura Park Tickets with Roundtrip Transport

This tour provides a hassle-free way to visit PortAventura theme park with round-trip transfers from Barcelona.

It eliminates the need to worry about transportation, allowing you to focus on enjoying the theme park’s attractions.

This tour is best suited for families and groups of friends looking for a fun day out at PortAventura theme park without the stress of arranging their own transportation.

Portaventura Barcelona Tickets with Roundtrip Transport Ticket Price:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€84 (US $89)
Senior citizens ticket (60 years above)€74 (US $78)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€74 (US $78)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Portaventura and Ferrari Land Tickets with Roundtrip from Barcelona

This tour offers a convenient way to visit PortAventura theme park and, optionally, Ferrari Land with round-trip transportation from Barcelona.

It is ideal for families, groups, or individual travelers looking for an easy and organized way to explore two theme parks in a single day.

Those seeking a day of fun and adventure without the stress of driving or public transportation definitely choose this tour.

Portaventura and Ferrari Land Tickets with Roundtrip from Barcelona Ticket Price:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 to 59 years)€94 (US $99)
Senior citizen ticket (60 years above)€84 (US $88)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€84 (US $88)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Caribe Aquatic Park with Private Transfer

This ticket includes a hassle-free pick-up service from Barcelona and access to Caribe Aquatic Park, for a day of aquatic fun with various water slides, rides, and pools.

This ticket is best for travelers in Barcelona who want to enjoy a day of aquatic adventure at Caribe Aquatic Park without the stress of organizing transportation.

Price of Caribe Portaventura water park tickets:

AgeTicket prices
Adult ticket (11 years & above)€350 (US $377)
Child ticket (4 to 10 years)€110 (US $118)
Infant ticket (up to 3 years)Free entry

Fun Fact: Visitors generally opt for PortAventura 7 day ticket or less to spend a leisurely family vacation at the resorts and its attractions – Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park.

Portaventura Discount Tickets 

You must use online reservations to score great deals, fantastic discounts, and ticket savings.

The age-based PortAventura discount tickets make sure that you get the best deals. 

On top of the age-based discounts, you get special, seasonal PortAventura offers during popular seasons, like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

For those looking for the ultimate value, consider the combo ticket options, including access to PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land.

While the PortAventura Park ticket is priced at €52 (US $57) and Ferrari Land ticket at €21 (US $23), opting for the combo will cost  €61 (US $65) per person, offering a flat discount of 16%.

If you purchase the PortAventura and Ferrari Land ticket combo with the roundtrip transfer, you’ll enjoy a flat 20% discount and a special rate of €75, which is €19 less than the standard price.

In addition to these benefits, you can get the Barcelona city pass priced at €85 (US $90) per person, providing a hop-on hop-off tour with a 10% discount on Barcelona attractions.

What to Expect at the PortAventura? 

The amusement park is divided into different themed areas with unique atmospheres and attractions. 

These areas include the PortAventura Theme Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park.

Each area boasts diverse rides, from thrilling roller coasters like Shambhala and Dragon Khan to family-friendly attractions, 4D simulators, and water rides.

In addition to the rides, the park hosts entertaining shows, character meet-and-greets, and daily parades that reflect the theme of each area.

The PortAventura World also offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of peaceful stays at 4 or 5-star themed hotels.

The adjacent Caribe Aquatic Park provides a refreshing experience with thrilling and scary water rides.

Dining options include cuisines that will make you crave more, while the numerous shops within the theme park offer themed merchandise and souvenirs.

Portaventura night tickets let you enjoy special fireworks displays, evening parades, and extended park hours for a mind-blowing experience.

Throughout the year, the theme park hosts special events and seasonal celebrations, such as Halloween and Christmas, with unique decorations, shows, and activities.

Hence, it is a delightful destination for families and thrill-seekers alike, with its attention to detail in theming, stunning landscapes, and diverse entertainment.

Note: Know the height restrictions for the rides if you are traveling with kids, and book your PortAventura tickets in advance.

Summarising PortAventura Ticket Prices 

Make the most of your trip by accessing all three parks with pocket-friendly PortAventura 2 for 1 tickets that offer multiple attractions or transport along with entry.

Here is a quick summary of Portaventura Spain ticket prices.

Ticket NameAdult (11-59 years)Senior Citizen(60+ years)Children (4-10 years)
PortAventura Theme Park€52 (US $57)€46 (US $50)€46 (US $50)
Ferrari Land Entry ticket€21 (US $23)€18 (US $20)€18 (US $20)
Caribe Aquatic Park€33 (US $36)€29 (US $32)€29 (US $32)
PortAventura & Ferrari Land Ticket€61 (US $65)€53 (US $56)€53 (US $56)
PortAventura VIP tickets€59 (US $62)€52 (US $55)€52 (US $55)
PortAventura Park Tickets with Roundtrip Transport€84 (US $89)€74 (US $78)€74 (US $78)
PortAventura and Ferrari Land Tickets with Roundtrip from Barcelona€94 (US $99)€84 (US $88)€84 (US $88)
Caribe Aquatic Park + PortAventura Park + Ferrari Land€350 (US $377)€110 (US $118)€110 (US $118)

Top Things to Do in Salou PortAventura 

The region of Salou, where the PortAventura World is located, has plenty to offer as it is filled with natural gems and man-made attractions that captivate people of all ages. 

To make the most of it, spend multiple days at the Resort, explore the nearby areas and participate in various activities to make your visit memorable. 

From leisurely Winery Guided tours to more engaging and fun-oriented cycling tour with wine tasting, explore the famous wineries of Salou

There are plenty of active and adrenaline-pushing activities for the adventure seeker, such as Quad Safari, Cycling tour, and more. 

Given that Salou is a coastal town, there is a lot of opportunity for water-based activities to complement your PortAventura Salou tickets. 

From the Kayak or Catamaran Experience to canyoning and the popular Scuba Diving, visitors have various activities based on their preferences and skills. 

The town of Salou is full of opportunities for curious travelers looking to explore these hidden gems through these varied Salou activities


How to get cheap tickets to PortAventura?

Your best bet to get cheap PortAventura tickets is booking them online and availing seasonal deals on top of age-based discounts on each ticket. 

Visitors can opt for the combo Port Aventura tickets to experience two or more attractions while paying less. 

Do the tickets to PortAventura give you access to all three parks?

Combo tickets for PortAventura allow you access to all three parks– Ferrari Land, PortAventura Park, and Caribe Aquatic Park.  

You also have the option to book a combo roundtrip transfer ticket from Barcelona in case you want a hassle-free experience of the amusement park. 

How much does it cost to visit PortAventura Park 2023?

The PortAventura skip the line tickets for adults (11 to 59 years) will cost you €52, while the prices for children (4 to 10 years) and senior citizens (60 years & above) will be at a discounted rate of €46.

Children below 4 years don’t need a ticket and can enter for free.

If you want a full-day trip from Barcelona to PortAventura World, it will cost you €75 (US $80) for adults (11 to 59 years).

The ticket prices for children (4 to 10 years) and senior citizens (60 years & above) will be at a discounted rate of €67 (US $71), and children below 4 years can enter for free.

There is one transfer ticket for Caribe Aquatic Park from Barcelona as well. It will cost you €350 (US $377) per person.

Is it cheaper to buy PortAventura tickets online?

Buying PortAventura tickets online will ensure you get the best possible deals and prices.

You can grab multiple offers at Port Aventura discount tickets if you book your tickets online. 

Should I book PortAventura Park tickets in advance?

Booking PortAventura tickets in advance is one of the crucial parts of planning a smooth visit. Read Tips.

Find out the opening hours and arrive as soon as the park opens to enjoy the best time of visiting the amusement park’s attractions and rides.

Do you have to pay for rides in PortAventura?

The entry tickets for PortAventura include the rides. 

However, the Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic Park tickets are separate. 

Ensure you get the PortAventura Express Pass to avoid all lines at the entry gate. 

What is the PortAventura Express Pass?

PortAventura Express Pass is a special privilege pass that grants you preferential access to the main attractions and rides at all three Parks.

There are 2 kinds of Passes: Limited or Unlimited Express Access.

If you stay at one of the six PortAventura World hotels, you can get the Express Pass at a discount.

Are there any discounts on the PortAventura entry tickets?

Port Aventura tickets offer various discounts, including age-based ones, special seasonal promotions, and combo tickets.

Combo tickets for PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land cost €61, providing a 16% discount compared to buying them separately (€52 + €21).

If you purchase the Portaventura and Ferrari Land tickets with roundtrip transfer, you get a very special price of €75, which is €19 less than the original price and a flat 20% discount.

The Barcelona City Pass at €85 includes a hop-on-hop-off tour and offers a 10% discount on Barcelona attractions.

 Is it possible to leave and re-enter PortAventura Park?

You can enter again after leaving PortAventura Park if you have valid PortAventura tickets

You have to get your ticket stamped on your way out so there is no confusion when you re-enter the park. 

If you stay in one of the six hotels, you can easily re-enter as you have unlimited access to PortAventura World Parks.

Is PortAventura worth visiting?

PortAventura is a complete family entertainment complex offering attractions for kids and adults alike. It is one of the most visited amusement parks in Europe. 

PortAventura World is a unique must-visit experience with the tallest and fastest coaster and numerous shows and parades.

What a re the operating hours for all three parks of PortAventura World?

PortAventura Park and Caribe Aquatic Park are open from 10.30 am to 6 pm, and the Ferrari Land opens from 10.30 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday.

On weekends, except for Ferrari Land, the other two parks stay open for 1 to 2 hours more.

Caribe Aquatic Park is closed from November to February in winter.

However, you should check the PortAventura park calendar for the schedule.

How many days are sufficient to explore the entire PortAventura World?

You should give at least a day to each of the three PortAventura theme parks– PortAventura Park, Ferrari Land, and Caribe Aquatic Park.

Know how long it takes in PortAventura World and the best time to visit to help you maximize your time at this leisure vacation spot.

Does the PortAventura World access come free with hotels and resorts?

Yes, staying in one of the six luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful hotels of PortAventura World gives you unlimited access to all three theme parks.

It also includes one-day access per person per stay to the amazing Ferrari land. 

However, you need to purchase the Caribe Aquatic Park tickets separately and can get them at a discounted rate as a perk of staying in the PortAventura hotels.

How far are the resorts and hotels of PortAventura from Barcelona?

The PortAventura hotels are an hour’s drive from Barcelona city center and offer free parking for visitors coming to the amusement parks. 

If you travel from Barcelona to PortAventura, you must opt for transfer tours.

Is there a height requirement for any attractions in PortAventura Park?

Yes, there is a minimum height requirement of 140 cm for most PortAventura rides at the theme Park.

However, no height or age restrictions exist for entry into any of the three parks at PortAventura World.

There is something amazing for everyone, regardless of height, taste, and personal preference.

Is PortAventura Universal?

After opening in 1995, PortAventura was rebranded as Universal’s PortAventura as NBC Universal got the majority shares in 1998. 

Later, in 2002, PorAventura was further rebranded as Universal Mediterranean when it got a water park and two hotels. 

However, in 2004, NBCUniversal sold all of its interest in PortAventura, which CaixaBank does not operate. 

Since then, the amusement park has been PortAventura World.

Featured Image: PortAventuraWorld.com